Private Dining

A comfortable, private restaurant space to share with friends and family. Delicious and inspired food delivered to or prepared right at your event. No matter the location or size of your occasion, private dining and catering options with Villedge provide unrivaled atmospheres and flavors. 

Gather Together in the Perfect Space

An amazing experience at Villedge extends beyond the food. For many, it's about sharing a comfortable room with friends and family to celebrate. Whether it's an intimate party, a lavish reception or an important business meeting, we have the spaces and staff for an effortless gathering. Two private dining areas flank the main seating areas in the center of the restaurant. The Wood Shed can comfortably seat up to 20 people, and the room can be closed off for private occasions. There's plenty of space for friendly banter activity and there's even a large flat-screen for presentations or entertainment. The larger Lower Terrace can easily accommodate up to 40. The space is perfect for small receptions and includes areas for buffet and action stations. For those very special occasions when a single room simply won't do, you can even reserve the entire restaurant. For help choosing a space please call us at 252-355-9500 or complete our contact form.

Wood Shed - Seats 20

Lower Terrace - Seats 40

Entire Restaurant - Seats 200*

*Bar & Lounge areas are not available to reserve.

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