Our Commitment To Going Local

August 24, 2015

When we opened Villedge in 2012, we had two goals in mind: 1.) Create a completely new dining experience for Greenville that was still accessible and affordable to the average diner. 2.) Use only locally sourced meat and produce. We feel that the second goal sort of feeds the first. Using only locally grown and sourced ingredients is part of what makes our menu so unique. But there are a bunch of other reasons why we feel going local is not just the right choice, it’s the only choice. 

Local foods just taste better

This may sound more like an opinion than a verifiable fact, but there are plenty of independent surveys out there that have found that more than 80 percent of shoppers said the produce was better than what they found at other places they shopped.

Locally grown foods are fresher and better for you

It’s a proven fact that fresh food has more nutrients than food that was picked weeks ago. Choosing locally grown ingredients over ones that have been sitting in a truck as it drove across the country means that our food is fresher, and thus, has more nutrients.

Local foods promote food safety

The simple answer: The fewer steps there are between the source of your food and your table, the less chance there is for cross-contamination. Rarely do you hear about E. coli outbreaks from local producers, and that’s primarily because they aren’t being passed through an environment where the bacteria breeds. Typically, it’s harvested, placed in a bin and delivered. It doesn’t simpler than that!

Local foods create a diverse menu

Buying local means not all produce is available all the time. While some folks may see this as a disadvantage, we see it as a chance to feature the delicious items that are in season with a rotating menu. This way, every time you visit Villedge you can try something completely new and original. It’s a fresh experience every time.

It should be pretty obvious that our emphasis on locally sourced ingredients isn’t just our way of jumping on the locally grown bandwagon. We know there are benefits to sourcing food from all over; we just firmly believe that the benefits of going local far outweigh the benefits of not doing so.


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