Hoop Cheddar – The Best Cheese You’ve Never Heard Of

The next time you’re at the super market, head to the cheese aisle, pick up a block of cheddar, and take a look at the ingredient list. Relatively simple when compared to some of the other chemicals and preservatives in a lot of the more popular food brand… more

Our Commitment To Going Local

When we opened Villedge in 2012, we had two goals in mind: 1.) Create a completely new dining experience for Greenville that was still accessible and affordable to the average diner. 2.) Use only locally sourced meat and produce. We feel that the second go… more

Craft. Part One: The Cocktail.

For the past couple of years, a familiar word has crept into our vernacular in an unfamiliar way: Craft. The word that many may associate with hot glue guns and scrapbooking has become a movement of sorts in the cocktail and beer world, spawning everything… more

Making Your Holiday Event Exceptional

When the holiday season approaches, the family functions, the search for gifts, and the endless holiday bombardment from stores and people alike make it all the more taxing when you’re tasked with organizing a holiday event. In the corporate world, holiday… more

Craft. Part Two: The Beer

For decades, we’ve grown accustomed to what we think good beer is supposed to taste like – light, airy, middle of the road. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with this; every day people all over America head to their local gas station or grocery store and … more

Make Room for the Cocktail

Palates everywhere are applauding the new culinary experience of Cocktail Pairings. Everyone has enjoyed their fair share of wine pairings, but the world gets a lot bigger when one applies that same concept to finding the perfect cocktail companion to th… more