Villedge - Wood Fired Kitchen & Bar

"Amazing Food. Amazing Atmosphere."

Executive Chef
Brandon B. Qualls

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Simple. Lively. Delicious.

Opening its doors in Greenville, North Carolina in 2012, Executive Chef Brandon Qualls and his skilled team had a simple vision of creating something that would break the convention of the white table cloth, fine dining restaurant experience. Villedge Wood-Fired Kitchen and Bar emerged with a meticulously crafted menu, artfully constructed cocktails and a complementary wine and beer selection. Adjacent to the lobby of the Greenville, NC Hilton Hotel, the restaurant was designed to be lively, inclusive and approachable as patrons have the choice to enjoy a shared plate outside under the pergola, or indoors amongst local art, savoring the aroma of the wood-fired oven that is the heart of the main dining area. Travelers and locals alike will discover a dining experience that changes with the seasons, evokes emotions and invites you beyond the edge of delicious. Villedge is truly redefining the restaurant experience for Greenville, North Carolina.

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